50 Years Later

I have just learned about an incredible story that touched me very deeply. This story is that of a man who had a secret. He held this secret for 50 years, and it was finally found out. He was invited to a television show called “That’s Life”, hosted by BBC, in 1988. All of a sudden, everyone in the audience around him started to stand. He became very confused, as he had no idea who all of these people were and why they had stood. He soon learned the reason why.

In 1938, Sir Nicholas Winton began single-handedly saving Jewish children from the Holocaust. He was able to save 669 Jewish children from Czechoslovakia and found new homes for them. Many of their parents died in concentration camps, but, because of this one individual, almost 700 children survived. No one knew that he had done this for 50 years until his wife accidentally found a book in which he wrote about his secret. In this book, he wrote the names of every child that he saved. His wife gave this book to a journalist, and Winton was invited to this program. What he did not know, was that every person in the audience was a child that he had saved. 50 years later they had come to thank him for their lives. This incredible man, Sir Nicholas Winton, died in 2015, at age 106.


Below is an image of Winton in the audience, next to a woman whose life he had saved.


When I read this story, I could not believe how powerful it was. That one person is capable of doing such an amazing thing demonstrates that among so much evil, there is still good in the world.

Please share this story with as many people as you can and help honor this exquisite man, who gave so many people the chance to grow up and someday come to thank him.


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